Kathy Greene

Poems and Collages

Poems and Collages
Kathy Greene

Paperback with colour illustrations
Publication 3 October 2023

This collection of poems and collages (reproduced in colour) by Kathy Greene celebrates her life of writing and making images over more than forty years and is published posthumously, following her death in 2018. 

Born in the United States, Kathy spent most of those last forty years of her life in Australia, where she consistently but unobtrusively wrote and made pictures.

‘She neither advertised nor hid this intrinsic aspect of who she was,’ writes Julian Davies, FL’s publisher, in the introduction to the book. ‘She went so far as to send some poems to a local literary magazine, and they appeared in its pages, but she had almost no creative ego.'

'She loved to share but not impose... creative reflection was intrinsic to the rhythm of her days. Whether it was in response to an emotionally seismic change, a passing meeting or quirky fancy, or her abundant love of the details of the forest surrounding where she lived, writing and picture making were a release and a private realm she visited like a deeply trusted confidant.’

Kathy in her garden, February 1997

'Kathy's poems are quite simply a window into her being. Reading them is like looking into the eyes of someone you deeply recognise, who shows you new, quirky and delightful ways of seeing the world.'

— Meredith McKinney

Two of Kathy's collages that appear in the book

A conversation about Kathy and her writing.

Two close friends of Kathy Greene, publisher, Julian Davies, and writer and translator, Meredith McKinney, sat down to discuss who Kathy was as a writer and what made her poetry and art-making fundamentally unique.

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